Financial Products & Services

The MFSA maintains an on-line database of tariffs and charges of several financial products and services offered in Malta.

You can compare tariffs of any four financial entities in respect of the product/service selected. We have also prepared general information about the respective products or services – such information is available by clicking on the link at the top of the comparative table generated.

The database, and any accompanying information, should not be the only source of information about the respective products or services. You should always ask or verify with your financial services provider about the charges applicable to the product or service of your choice. This information shall be available in the financial services providers’ websites and also in their premises.

We update the database as often as necessary. However, we rely on financial services providers to inform us of any changes to their tariff lists. If you notice that information on our database is incorrect, please let us know and we promise to update it after seeking more information from the financial services provider.

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